About Us

B.A.D. is an acronym for Blessed Ambitious & Determined. We are the first Caribbean fusion vegan restaurant/company in the world. Serial Entrepreneur, Foodie, and Creative Chef Chyna Love personally founded this company from a New York City homeless shelter with nothing but pure creativity, faith and ambition. Every single item on the menu is authentic and creative from the recipes to the names, we own our trademarks and make every dish from scratch. The vegan oxtail which we coined Voxtail™️ brings people from all over the world and we are proud to say it is our claim to fame. My Jamaican, American, Asian roots can be tasted in every bite and reflected in our dishes such as the Yankee Jerk Burger™️. We have a very unique niche with a dedicated following.

We are the only restaurant in the world that serves Plant Based Jamaican food with an American Soul Food twist. Our signature world famous Voxtail™️ (vegan oxtail) dish/product is trademarked & has a patent pending. Anything you can order in a traditional Caribbean/ Jamaican restaurant, we have the plant based version. We have vegan Oxtail of course, Curry ChikUN, Stew ChikUN, Empress Pasta, Wett Wings , Curry Skrimp, Rice & Peas, Mac & Jeeze™️, Sweet Yams and much more to cater to our very dedicated and hungry customer base. The vision is the inspired by a small business going global , from Brooklyn to every part of the world. A Luxe Tropical Vibe to find health and happiness on a plate.